Our Services

Our rich collective insight in the aviation industry arms and empowers us with the vision to offer a whole host of services in the aviation sector

Ground Handling & Customs

We have contracts with various ground handlers all across the country and can offer you seamless ground support at stations all over India and overseas.
Our operations team will be happy to help you with all your flight requirements and follow through at the time of flight.

Fuel Facilitation Services

We have identified the most cost effective solutions for fueling at more than 70 stations all over India and continue to work closely with IPA’s to provide the best service to you where it is required.
We have also identified fueling solutions for flights travelling to International destinations.

24x7 Operations Control Centre

All the flights are monitored by our dedicated 24/7 operations team. We have an Operations Control Centre (OCC) on hand to proactively manage and track flights, fueling, hotel bookings, landside transport, slot&parking status and any ancillary requests on hand.

Overfly & Landing Permits

We have our trusted partners in place for securing Overfly permits for international flights. Landing permits can be secured as well.

Routing and Airport Selections

Our dispatch team helps to Optimize routing and review airport options to provide cost effective options. Make the most of your time and money with flight plans specially designed for you.

Hotels & Concierge Services

Your requirement to find high quality accommodation at short notice without the hassle can be addressed through our in-house expertise to book suitable options at airport and city locations anywhere in India and across the world. Crew hotel and transportation arranged in advance using our preferred network of partners.
For Passenger Transportation: Limousine? Local Taxi? Your own car and driver? We can coordinate and arrange any of these for your passengers and crew at any destination around the globe.

Flight Planning

Laminaar is our preferred dispatch partner for creating flight plans, trip kits, online filing and providing FIC/ADC (applicable to flight in Indian skies). All trip kits can be tailored to suit flight crew preferences. Weather reports, NAV Logs, Route map will be provided

Catering Arrangements

We can arrange catering & cateringrelated services all around the globe.

Services in the Aviation sector

    Onboarding and induction of new aircrafts of all makes.
    Liaison with Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) for all Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) managed Airports to provide a one stop solution for airport operations.
    Consultancy for Airport bidding: Preparation of bid document for all RFP and RFQ.
    Providing Operational Readiness and Transition (ORAT) Program to existing Airports.
    Feasibility study on capacity enhancement program for all airports.
    Providing advisory on Parking management of aircrafts across domestic and international airports